Away or Through?

So many times I want God to take away my problems. I want him to take away the painful, scary or unpleasant things. But in His wisdom he often doesn’t take them away but takes me through them. When I was young I wanted God to take away the problem of my parents divorce. But instead he took me through it. Some how, by his power and grace, I came through.

At times, I wanted God to take away my loneliness and hurt. But instead he took me through it. There have been times I wanted him to remove temptation but instead he delivered me from it by taking me through it until I grew past it. So many times I have begged for him to take away problems that are causing me heart ache but in stead He takes me through it. Evidently, His grace is sufficient for me.

When Moses and the people of Israel were pinned in by mountains and a sea and Pharaohs army was bearing down on them, God didn’t take the problem away, He opened the sea and took them through it. When Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego faced the fiery furnace, they would have liked the problem to go away but instead God took them through it. When Daniel faced the lions den, I am sure he wanted the problem to go away but instead God took him through it.

When in the garden then night before he died, Jesus was grieved and sweat drops blood as he faced the cross. In Luke 22:42 Jesus said, “Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done.” Jesus would have liked for the cross to be taken away but he wanted even more to do the will of His Father in Heaven. And the Father didn’t take the cross away. He took Jesus through it and raised Him up on the third day.

Thank God he died because it saved us all from our sin.

So what problem are you facing? What would you like God to take away from you? Sometimes it may be better for you and for others if God doesn’t take your problem away but instead takes you through it. Trust God and trust what He in His wisdom allows. Trust His process, whether he takes it away or takes your through, He has a blessing waiting for you by faith. 

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